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At instaGC, you can receive free gift cards, but you first have to earn points. You can earn points by answering surveys, completing tasks, downloading programs, listening to music, referring others, searching the web, signing up for trials, visiting websites, watching videos and winning contests.

To get free gift cards for your favorite stores like Amazon, eBay, CVS and even American Express, Direct Deposit, or Paypal, you need to collect points. While there are endless ways to earn points, it can seem overwhelming. Don't fret. These tasks are fun and easy and you can earn a gift card for as little as 100 points.

The current possible ways to earn points are watching videos, listening to an online radio, visiting sites, testing apps or games, shopping, filling out surveys, and completing general tasks. They are continuously adding new possible ways to earn as well. You can view all of these on the earn page.

Once you've completed these tasks, you will be rewarded with points that can be used towards your next gift card.

instaGC point system:

1 point = $0.01
10 points = $0.10
100 points = $1
1,000 points = $10
10,000 points = $100

Their instant gift cards range from $1 to $250 and new gift cards are always being added upon request. If you don't see the gift card you like, request it and they might just add it.

The amount of points you can earn depends on how much time and effort you put into your goals. You can easily earn up to 100 points or more every day just by completing certain offers. Some members even earn up to 500 to 2,000 points daily! All it takes is patience and a willing mindset.

Join today and you'll be credited with 10 points to get you started.

Start Earning Now