3 Free Pairs of Used Eyeglasses from ReSpectacle Per Year


Respectacle is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that uses the power of the internet to facilitate redistribution of quality, used eyeglasses to underserved communities worldwide.

Their glasses are donated by members of their community. They are then cleaned, categorized, and loaded into their online database based on their prescription.

When an order is made, ReSpectacle will process the order for glasses and ship them within thirty (30) days of when the order was placed; typically, glasses will be shipped within seven (7) days of receipt of the order. If you do not receive your glasses or experience any difficulty with the glasses, including damage or an incorrect prescription, contact them. ReSpectacle will not be held responsible either for lost or delayed orders, or for lost, damaged, or stolen glasses.

Customer is responsible for entering the correct prescription. After entering your prescription, you'll be given eyeglasses to choose from based on prescription accuracy. It is recommended you choose the accuracy closest to your prescription (i.e. 98% accurate) and choose the ones highlighted in green. Glasses will not be as good as visiting an eye specialist and ordering them based on your exact prescription and having them fitted. However, they do recommend having the Respectacle's you receive fitted for children. This program is intended for people who cannot otherwise afford glasses any other way assuming having ReSpectacle's are better than nothing at all.

ReSpectacle reserves right to deny any subsequent requests to any one individual who orders more than three pairs of eyeglasses annually.

Eyeglasses and shipping are free. There is a daily limit to the amount they give away. If they have reached daily capacity, try again tomorrow.

ReSpectacle limits orders to 3 pairs of glasses per individual, per calendar year