How a Christian Should Vote Booklet


Established in 1996, Pathway to Victory serves as the broadcast ministry of Dr. Robert Jeffress and the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.

Pathway to Victory stands for truth and exists to pierce the darkness with the light of God's Word through the most effective media available, including radio, television, and digital media.

Through Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting people, confronts an ungodly culture with God's truth, and equips the saints to apply scripture to their everyday lives.

More than 750 radio stations in the United States broadcast the daily radio program, while Daystar and TBN, Christian television networks, air Pathway to Victory both in the United States and internationally.

Their mission is to provide practical application of God's Word to everyday life through clear, Biblical teaching. Their goal is to lead people to become obedient and reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ, as He commanded in Matthew 28:18-20.

As their ministry continues to grow and expand, they are confident the Lord will use Pathway to Victory to advance the mission statement of First Baptist Dallas - to transform the world with God's Word… one life at a time.

How a Christian Should Vote is an easy-to-read booklet. A must-have resource to read and share before voting this November!

- Offers questions any Christian should ask before casting a vote for a local, state, or national leader
- Presents a series of thoughtful and actionable steps for determining how to select a candidate
- Easy-to-understand booklet fits into your Bible
- Answers the fundamental question: What role should Christians play in government?

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