Free Cozy Faux Fur Animal Hat for Kids (S&H)

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Jenny Pierce is the woman behind a successful baby product empire, including Mothers Lounge, Milk Bands, Shop Seven, and Eskimo Kids. She's brought her experience of motherhood to creating affordable, practical, and stylish products that make mothers' lives easier so that her solutions can make a positive difference for every mom.

Designed by moms, for moms, their successful baby products include Milk Bands, Udder Covers, baby slings, the Carseat Canopy, and the Nursing Pillow. Although they're always working on the next indispensable gift for mothers and their babies, Eskimo Kids is their most fashion-forward project to date. They manufacture the highest-quality faux fur hats that fit everyone from infants to adults. Inspired by the animal kingdom, these hats keep heads, necks, and ears warm the way nature intended. Kids will be excited to don a snow leopard, moose, panda bear, fox, lion, zebra, or rabbit hat to keep them warm in frigid temperatures. These cozy headpieces are made of plush polyester and modacrylic so that animals' fur can stay where it belongs - on their backs.

The whole family can look adorable and feel comfy in the cold with fashionable hats from Eskimo Kids. Enter the promo code ENBABY on their website for one free faux fur hat. There is no subscription required and you'll only have to pay shipping to receive an Eskimo Kids hat worth $35.


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