Grace vs Judgment Book


BVOVN is a new kind of network. Unlike 99.9 percent of the TV out there, this is a network built on faith. They don't bend to focus groups or the latest Nielsen ratings. They are a voice that breaks through the noise.

But it's not just about being counterculture. It's about making a real difference...helping you find a voice of victory for your family--with positive, 24/7 programming on healing, finances, relationships, finding peace and more. No matter when you tune in, you'll hear the Word of God taught--uncompromised--by a hand-selected group of today's most-trusted Bible teachers.

They are offering a free copy of Grace Vs Judgment by Keith A. Butler at their website. Does it matter how you live as a Christian? Can you do anything you want in the mistaken belief that God's grace covers all sin with no consequences? Or do you live in fear of God's judgment, anxious about the fate of your eternal soul? This book teaches you how to look at the audience, the context, and the terms grace and judgment in the Word in order to rightly divide the truth.

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  • United States


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