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Every freebie or savings site that you visit likely promises that they're the best source for free stuff and deals on the Internet. At and, we're working hard to stand out, find new fans, and make our members happy. That's why we built the new free stuff calendar, where you can see the dates that are important to you at a glance and plan where your next in-store freebie is coming from, which free family events you're attending, and more.

You don't have to be a member at and to access the free stuff calendar. We've divided the calendar postings into categories so that you can find the information you want in a hurry.

In-Store: From ice cream cones to cosmetics, retailers and restaurants want you to visit their establishments. See where you can simply grab a free coffee or print out your free product voucher before you leave the office for the day with the "In-Store" category.

Sales: Never miss a sale at your favorite retailer with the "Sales" category.

Contest End: Make sure you're entered to win with the "Contest End" category. The day before an entry period expires, you'll see the purple Contest End posting.

Coupon Expiry: Make sure you use that coupon before it expires. The day before the coupon expires, the burgundy "Coupon Expiry" posting will remind you.

Rebate Expiry: Holding onto that rebate? Make sure you mail it before the period to redeem it expires when you see the "Rebate Expiry" posting.

Events: Have fun for free at local and nationwide events including free park admissions, festivals, and more.

Family: Plan your fun family weekend with activities we've marked as being ideal for families. This is also where you'll find in-store toy builds at Toys R Us and crafting nights for kids at Michael's.

Each category can be turned off or on so that you won't see family events if you're looking for a fun date or coupon expiries if you really just want to know if you've missed the chance to win a trip to the Bahamas. Just use the toggle switches at the top of the calendar to choose what you see. Excited? Visit the calendar now to find out where your next freebie fix is coming from.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada
  • United States


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