Today Is A New Day Bumper Sticker


The ministry began as a result of the help Bill Greguska's former pastor Ron Sauer and his wife, Sue. They helped him while he was going through some very hard times in his life. He wanted to repay them somehow for all they did to help him. That is when Sue planted the seed in his mind to help others. The website started in 2007 to encourage others in the same way that God has helped him in his life. This ministry of encouragement was established in Milwaukee, WI. Their purpose is to help as many people possible in a God-honoring way via the internet. The Encouragement Ministry started out of his home back in 2005 with a 24-hour phone helpline. After two years with the phone ministry, the website started up. The internet seems to have a bigger capacity to get more people to visit it which in turn could help more people.

They are offering a free bumper sticker which is meant to be a win, win situation. You get a great looking bumper sticker that makes your car a V.O.E. (Vehicle of Encouragement). At the same time, having the bumper sticker on your vehicle will let people know about their website, which is a win, win situation. Sign up for your free Today Is A New Day bumper sticker.

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