Leave the Phone Alone Car Window Sticker


Distraction-free driving makes sense. Here's why:

On average, one person dies every five hours on Canadian roads. More than 160 people lose their lives in a month. 37 people are killed (on average) each week; 5 people die on Canada's roads on average per day.

Each year in Canada, over 1,900 people are killed in road crashes and another 165,000 are injured.

Over 90% of Canada's licensed drivers are subject to distracted driving legislation in their home province or territory. It is illegal to use a hand-held phone to call or text.

Drivers who use hand-held devices are four times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to cause injury.

Even when drivers use a hands-free phone, they are less aware of the traffic around them. They tend to react more slowly to a critical event or worse -- they may not detect the danger at all.

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. A study found that in 80% of collisions, the driver had looked away from the road 3 seconds prior to the crash.

Rethink the way you drive. Take the pledge to leave the phone alone while driving and receive a free car window sticker.

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  • Canada


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