How to Become a Better Negotiator - Free eBook


Regardless of your current negotiation skill level, readers will receive powerful guidance that will allow them to arrive at a successful conclusion for every situation with a free copy of How to Become a Better Negotiator.

How To Become a Better Negotiator is a powerful guide to getting what you want every time. Whether it's at home or at work, so much of our lives involves negotiating to get what we want. From negotiating a higher salary, to lowering costs from suppliers, to hammering out a new contract with a major customer, or even deciding where to go on vacation, the only way to consistently arrive at successful conclusions is to master the art of negotiation.

Topics covered include:

- The common characteristics shared by great negotiators
- Different tactics for handling conflict (and when to use each one)
- How to plan and carry out a successful negotiation strategy
- Proven methods for counteracting the tactics of others

This publication, valued at $12, is being offered free for a limited time by the American Management Association.