Star Pro Nail Polish Removal Caps Sample


Star Pro is a professional range of nail products; manufactured by Star Nail International and is available at 1,000 stores nationwide. Star Nail's mission is clear: to help re-define what it means to be a professional nail technician looking for high-quality products that perform at economical prices. Star Nail International customized the exclusive Star Pro line with quality products at the lowest possible prices due to the tremendous buying power Star Nail holds (and not to mention by cutting out the middleman).

Sign up for a free sample of Star Pro Professional Soak Off Gel Removal System Caps and Foams. These reusable caps and disposable foam pads take the frustration out of removing soak-off gel-polish. Whether you are a professional or a consumer, your time spent with a typical foil and cotton removal system is long and frustrating and here's why:

After much effort to close the foils tightly they remain loose and tend to slide.

Loose-fitting foils contribute to premature acetone evaporation, inconsistent contact of acetone evaporation, inconsistent contact of acetone across the nail and the need to re-apply acetone and soak longer.

Customers cannot remove nail treatments from both hands at the same time without help.

Soak-off gel polish customers are forced to sit without moving during soak off times for fear the foils will shift or fall off with the slightest movement.

Salon clients are often irritated by acetone dripping on them and everything in its path. Star Pro removes these problems and because of its deeper soaking properties, the nails don't need to be scraped at all.

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