Web Services from $0.25/Month at One.com


Starting at just $0.25, you can get reliable, affordable service from the world's fastest growing and most successful web hosting company. Get all the web services you need from One.com, where they're saving your sanity and your money.

More than just hosting, One.com offers the creation of websites, web editors, editors, email service, galleries, and automatic backup. Extremely affordable, One.com is also an ideal match for upgrading websites with high-volume needs. More than 1,300,000 active customers enjoy 24/7 support to get fast answers to their questions. One.com is also a sustainable, environmentally-friendly company that's 100% wind-powered.

Nominated for “best value for your money” awards from PC Magazine, Internetworld, and many other publications, One.com was also crowned “Most Reliable Hosting Company” by Netcraft.com in November 2015. Get everything you need to make your own website, email accounts, galleries, blogs and more without any programming knowledge at One.com. Packages start at just $0.25/month.


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