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Create a Free Facebook Profile

Facebook isn't just a place to share videos of cute animals and post photos of your vacation. At its heart, Facebook strengthens communities, helps causes and businesses grow, and opens doors to new experiences. Sign up for Facebook now and you'll find a world of local events, people with similar interests, and access to the information that's driving the world we live in.

Facebook began as a social networking website for the students of Harvard University. After expanding to Boston College, Boston University, MIT, Tufts, Stanford, Northwestern, and other Ivy League schools within two months it quickly expanded to include other universities. There are now 1.49 billion monthly active users sharing, commenting, and posting on Facebook. Businesses have pages that users can "Like" and follow, creating a real presence for a brand in an individual's life.

The massive communication power of social networking sites can't be ignored. Share your vision and see the bigger picture when you connect with family, friends, and co-workers on Facebook, the completely free social media app.

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