Biblical Calendar Proof DVD & CD-ROM Set


Don Roth has always been a hard-working problem solver. He'll be the first to admit taking on such a difficult problem as proving the factual biblical calendar could raise some question about his qualifications. He says "God does not always do things the way we think they should be done, and by whom we may think would be capable of doing them. This work should be judged on its veracity alone." Don's life has been led by God to this very task.

Don has a strong background in engineering. He has twenty four years of experience as an engineer, working for 2 large corporations challenging him to solve problems of a great variety on a daily basis. He then spent the following sixteen years building his own successful machining business, also solving daily problems and enhancing his ability to research, learn, and try new things while building on with the old. With this background, his entire working life was spent solving problems and preparing him for the ultimate problem-solving task: A factual, traceable biblical calendar.

Which calendar among the many being circulated amidst God's people is in fact the true biblical calendar? Don Roth's research has led him to an undisputable biblical calendar proof. Fill out the simple form located on his website to receive your free 3-disc DVD and CD-Rom set outlining and explaining the mathematical proof and verifying the true biblical calendar of God.

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