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Turning Point's mission is to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. They strive to promote ministry in the lives of their listeners by teaching them to reach their own circle of influence for Jesus Christ and to build up the local church by building-up the people of the local church. They are dedicated to the daily walk of their listeners and viewers by providing Bible study resources to help them grow spiritually. Turning Point is a nonprofit organization recognized for tax-deductible giving by the federal government. The ministry of Turning Point is broken up into several different aspects such as Radio, Television and monthly giving programs like the Circle of Friends. Each message that is aired, whether over the radio or television, is presented by Dr. David Jeremiah, and the resources that they provide are derived from those messages. Turning Point is not underwritten by any church or organization, but is supported solely by their listeners and viewers.

Request a free Revelations Prophecy Chart at their website. This chart places the events that occur in the book of Revelation in an easy-to-use fold-out chart.

- Listed by chapter in the book of Revelation.
- You will be able to see how the prophetic events fit into the end-times calendar.
- Also included are two informative articles by Dr. Jeremiah offering counsel about living for Christ today.

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