Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie Sample


From ages 0-6 months, babies' brains are growing more than they ever will--and their skulls need to be soft enough to accommodate this growth.

The problem?

When newborns and young infants spend too much time on their backs, in one position, flat spots can develop. Positional plagiocephaly is the medical term for flat head. Babies' skull shapes can also become asymmetrical from birthing issues, pregnancy problems, and congenital abnormalities.

Tortle Products, LLC manufactures the innovative Tortle repositioning beanie, a patented FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device. Founded by Board Certified Pediatrician and Neonatologist Dr. Jane Scott in 2012, the Tortle is a cotton repositioning beanie that aids in the prevention and treatment of Flat Head Syndrome.

Flat Head Syndrome is a condition that affects nearly 1 in 2 babies. A baby's head can develop a flat spot due to constant pressure on a specific area. Babies are vulnerable because their skull is soft and pliable during the first 6 months of age. Babies spend a lot of time lying on their backs, and may develop a flat spot where their head presses against a mattress, bouncer, stroller, swing or car seat. Though less common, babies can be born with flat spots from being restricted in utero or from the birthing process.

Sign up for a free Tortle sample today. Simply place the beanie on your baby's head with the support roll behind baby's ear. The beanie should fit snug. After 2-3 hours (or after feeding), reposition support roll behind baby's other ear. Do not leave beanie on overnight when baby is unsupervised.

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