Christmas Study Guide & Sermon CD


The Church of God International is based in Tyler, Texas. Incorporated in 1978, CGI has ministers and congregations scattered throughout the United States and Canada . They also have churches in Jamaica, the Philippines, and Australia. Their mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world (Matthew 28:19). They are blessed with four basic tools to accomplish this:

Personal and local church evangelism.
Television broadcasting.
Booklets, brochures, and study CDs.
The Internet.

Request your free copies of the study guide "Facts You Should Know About Christmas" and the sermon CD "Should You Join The War on Christmas?" by Wes White. All of their offers are absolutely free (including shipping) with no obligation.

Note: You can also click on "Free Store" at the top of their website to request up to 4 free items per week including books, CDs, and periodicals.


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