Tenacious Toys Sticker


Tenacious Toys is a small "mom & pop" internet-only retail art toy shop located in the NYC area--at the epicenter of the exploding Designer Art Toy scene! Tenacious Toys is owned by Stephanie & Benny, and warehouse operations are managed by Kris Dulfer in NJ. Writers contributing to their blog include Mark-Anthony Padua, Mr N. Visible and Thomas Foster, plus several others. Each year, their NYCC Collective booth is made up of them, Kris Dulfer, Ian Ziobrowski, Jason Chalker, Cash Cannon, Playful Gorilla and a rotating cast of characters which changes each year. Benny also works as a Project Coordinator for Bigshot Toyworks, which is another company owned by Klim Kozinevich.

They are art toy collectors themselves so they understand what it feels like to purchase toys from websites. Dropping $100+ on a single art toy is not something to be taken lightly. They want to make this process as seamless and worry-free as possible for you.

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  • By: Benny Kline

    Hi, thanks for the post. We're getting some traffic from it! Just an update that we've switched our Free Sticker promotion to an SASE offer. So free stickers are still available to anyone, as long as you mail us a self addressed stamped envelope. Thanks! - Benny