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Texting while driving has proven to be an extremely dangerous and deadly behavior. Most states have some ban or regulations on using handheld devices while driving, including Ohio. If you were injured in an accident that was caused by another driver who was texting while driving, you would likely have a justifiable reason to file a claim or lawsuit against the driver to recover your damages.

You'll need to be able to prove that s/he was texting while driving, though. Indeed, one can only prove negligence like texting and driving through the driver's admission of fault (which is not likely to happen), or by subpoenaing the driver's phone records. The latter usually necessitates an attorney.

Personal injury lawyer David Bressman wants you to get to know your attorney before you make the hire. Before consulting with an accident injury attorney, research the lawyer's credentials. It's not just school and previous experience that makes an attorney. If searching for a lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, consult with attorney David Bressman to discuss your case in person.

Thousands of people die each year because they or another driver was distracted at the wheel, and that is unacceptable. The Bag It! initiative saves lives on the road. Request a free Bag It! Tool Kit today. Sure, on the surface, Bag It! appears to be a simple orange pouch you put your phone in before driving, but it is so much more than that! This little bag is more than a physical barrier between a driver and his or her phone. When you Bag It!, you are making a promise to yourself, to those you love, and to those you share the road with that you won't put your life - or any other lives - in danger to send or answer a text message while driving. As a bonus for making a commitment to save lives by not texting while driving, you will also receive a white USB bracelet on which you can save emergency contact numbers and other vital information and their legal guide to auto accidents, a straightforward report on protecting your rights to compensation after a car accident in Ohio.

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