Free 86it Car Swag - NC Only


In 2008, the Wake County Board of Commissioners adopted a goal to address the roadside litter problem in Wake County. The 86it Anti-Litter Campaign launched in 2010, with strategies and tactics to thoughtfully engage citizen participation in addressing litter.

Have you heard the term 86it? Its origins are debatable (give it a Google), but more importantly it means, "to get rid of something; to throw it out." It's a cool way of asking someone to throw something away.

The 86it Anti-Litter Campaign is on a crusade to end littering behavior while creating a sense of community pride. Help them keep the momentum rolling by:

86ables for webTaking the pledge not to litter and telling all of your friends to do the same
Requesting free and functional 86it swag like litter bags
Conducting a DIY litter cleanup by using an 86it litter cleanup kit
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Available to North Carolina residents only.

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