Free Clothing or Accessory from Tidal Vision


Tidal Vision is encouraging sustainable fishing by making apparel for those who care. They've been developing ways to create apparel and accessory products from discarded fishery byproducts, such as fish skins and crab shells. They pledge to only use byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries to help ensure resources are around for generations to come.

That is why they are starting in Alaska, where ocean sustainability is ingrained in the culture and even written in the state constitution. Hand stitched in the USA they've been making Alaska salmon leather apparel, wallets, purses, bags, belts and footwear. Their crab shell fiber fabrics are odorless! The secret is in the Chitosan fiber from crab shells and its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. They're spinning Chitosan into fabric for shirts, underwear, socks, and activewear!

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