Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes! We are an online directory of free stuff and assure you that there are plenty of giveaways available. Each posting is different and will describe the nature of the giveaway and the actions to follow in order to get it. You can then decide which freebies you'd like to receive based on the posting and click through to the page offering the freebie, contest, or coupon.

I'd like something specific for free. How do I get it?

Use the Search and Category features to find the specific freebies you're looking for.

I found a freebie online that I'd like to share. How do I do that?

Please use our submission form by clicking click "submit" to create a posting about your free offer or giveaway. Our community thanks you in advance for sharing.

I submitted a posting but I can't find it anywhere. How do I see it?

The most likely answer is that your posting has not yet been moderated or has not passed the approval process. When a posting does not pass the approval process, an email is sent to the member with a short explanation of why. Please check your junk folder for any missed communications.

Why did my posting about my free eBook not pass the approval process?

Unfortunately, there are simply too many free eBooks available on Amazon to list them all individually. It would be labeled a "repost" and not pass the approval process. We have one posting about getting free eBooks on Amazon here.

I'd like to do a link exchange. Do you do that?

Yes! Please use our submission form to create a posting about your free offer or giveaway. Link back to us using the unique ID provided after your submission and we'll send you more traffic in return. You can find suitable creatives here.

I'd like to advertise. Do you have any space for sale?

Yes! If you'd like to post about something that isn't free or buy a banner, contact us via our contact form here.

Something's gone wrong with a freebie I received. Can you help me?

Please use the search function on our website to find the post which you are referencing, then follow the link to the company's website. Find their contact information in order to have any issues resolved.