Free $25 Zipcar Boston Car Sharing Credit


Over ten years ago, a group of North American entrepreneurs dreamed of bringing the successful car sharing businesses they'd seen in Europe across the pond. Ecologically responsible and fiscally sound, Zipcar is now the world's leading car-sharing network.

By championing fewer cars on the road, Zipcar reduces both congestion and pollution. However, they understand that people want cars for both need and convenience. With Zipcar membership, drivers can pick up an automobile any time of the day or night. Simply reserve online, swipe membership card at a Zipcar site, and drive away. The cost of fuel and insurance is covered by low hourly and daily rates and cars can be driven locally or taken to a neighboring area. Packages are built based around how often members plan to use the car, with packages starting at just $60 a year. It's also fun to choose from a selection of 30 cars including, MINIs, hybrids, pickups and more.

Save money on renting a parking spot, paying for insurance, and covering maintenance or lease costs with Zipcar in Boston. Get wheels when you want them with Zipcar; sign up through the link below and get $25 in free driving.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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