iPhone 6 Plus - New Phablet Model


When the Samsung Galaxy Note was released in 2011, it reflected the fact that smartphone users were using their devices less like phones and much more like tablets. Now Apple is following suit by releasing the iPhone 6 Plus, a user-friendly smartphone that's less for making calls and more for doing absolutely everything else.

There was a time when cell phone makers were competing for who could make the smallest phone, charging more the lighter and more diminutive the models became. A far cry from the gigantic mobile phone that Zack Morris used in the classic teen sitcom Saved By The Bell, these increasingly small phones were mocked in blockbuster comedies like Zoolander. Buttons were getting too small to hit with accuracy and screens were becoming harder to read.

New, larger phones have become a favorite amongst smartphone users, despite the fact that they no longer fit tidily into a back pocket. Nicknamed "phablets" by online trendsetters, the new iPhone 6 will have the biggest screen on the market at 5.5 inches in diameter. Its larger screen makes its on-screen keyboard easier to use, allowing users to shoot off emails and texts more efficiently. Reading, watching movies and playing games is more enjoyable when you don't need to squint or strain to see what's going on. It's also more affordable than the iPad, making it more accessible to more consumers.

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