$6.99 iPad for Dummies eBook Free


Your e-mail, photos, music, books, and games are just a touch away with an iPad. Use this portable guide for getting started.

Part iPod touch, part MacBook, part e-Reader, the iPad combines the best of your favorite gadgets into one ultra-portable touch device. From sending e-mail and surfing the web to taking pictures, watching and recording videos, playing games, downloading apps, and so much more, the fun begins right here with this friendly For Dummies guide.

- Magic touch - navigate the multitouch screen, use the onscreen keyboard, and e-mail and surf the web with just the touch of a finger
- Picture perfect - turn your iPad into a digital picture frame, add cool effects to your photos, and make FaceTime video calls
- Get rhythm - organize your music collection, listen to your favorite tunes, and create cool custom playlists
- All those apps - download the latest apps, keep them up to date, and indulge your interests with games, e-books, and more

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