Wedding Ring Sample (but ... you can't keep it)


SAMPLE RING PROGRAM from Oromi, Inc. "The first Wedding Rings site on the internet."

After browsing Wedding Rings by Oromi, you found a wedding band that you really like, but you would prefer to see the physical ring, and touch it, and appreciate its quality.

Oromi's confidence in the quality and value of our rings is such, that they will be willing to send you a sample ring for your examination.

If you like the ring, locate the style that you want to order using the SEARCH FORM, and place the order. Please, indicate in the Special Instructions Box that you are holding a Sample Ring. When your order is received they will send you an email with Prepaid UPS Return Label to facilitate the return of the sample ring.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States



  • By: hotrednkgrl

    ok I just got to say I find this to be sorta funny..Here hun marry me but I need the ring back its a loner you like it thought im trying to have yours made..guess it give someone time to back


    • By: fairymist

      LOL hotred it is funny. what do they do when someone does not send back the ring and their CC is no longer any good send out the ring police? lol I dont think I would try this seems odd to me. lol hotred I think the Honeymoon would be over before it begins lol.thanks for the laughs my friend, Have a very pleasant day