Ayur Skin Renewal Cream (S&H)


Skin tone and pigment differences are the most perceptible sign of aging and damaged skin. Ayur Skin Renewal Cream instantly restores skin's healthy glow while also reducing wrinkles for a rejuvenated, newly radiant appearance.

Ayur is formulated with 16 natural ingredients proven to nurture skin health and reverse aging at the cellular level. Precious saffron reduces dark pigments, dark circles under the eyes and acne, while also lightening and evening out skin tone. Sweetwood acts as an antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing skin to reduce redness while promoting a smooth, supple skin surface. Ayur also works to restore skin's natural collagen production with Matrixyl peptides, while gold water slows the natural depletion of existing stores of collagen and elastin. The result is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ayur Skin Renewal Cream works instantly, giving you immediate results upon application. With continued use of Ayur, blood vessels will supply more oxygen to the cells, giving the skin more color as well as a youthful glow. Receive two weeks to evaluate your 60 day supply of Ayur and cancel or pay for your order in full. Order your free trial of Ayur Skin Renewal Cream for only the cost of shipping.

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