Free Children's Fantasy Book Series


Beasts were created by the dark witches. Dark witches needed a beastly army to do their bidding and protect them during the day, when they were powerless.

The dark witches concocted a beast-making recipe that called for the fierce heart of a panther. But, a white sorceress heard of the witches' plan. She stole the panther heart and replaced it with one from a female deer. When the beasts hatched, they looked mean, but they weren't vicious. On top of this, they had terrific appetites. This became a big problem for the dark witches. They couldn't feed the beasts enough to keep them happy.

In the Least Beast series, you will meet Bryon, the boy who lives among the beasts - not wild beasts, but the valley ones. Valley beasts, created by dark witches, have created their own village where they raise cattle and grow corn and cabbage. The beast would like not to be bothered, but dark witches, shadow witches, a grey wizard, and a witch queen have other ideas. Can Bryon help save the beasts?

Read this children's fantasy book series completely free by following the link below and clicking on "Least Beast Part 1" and "Least Beast Part 2". This website also has free worksheets.