Free Tech Diagnostic Software from Newegg


Many computer problems can be solved remotely - without packing your device into the store, or inviting strangers into your home.

Using Newegg's new cutting-edge remote platform, they put you one-on-one with a technician who can examine your computer and get you the solution.

How It Works:

Tech Diagnosis: To get started, connect to them. A technician will ask you questions and analyze your computer to find the source of the issues.

Service Offer: Once your tech knows what is wrong, he or she will explain the problem and offer to perform the necessary service.

Solution Performed: After you accept the service offer, the tech will guide you through their secure payment system and complete the service.

Feedback Welcomed: In order to provide the best service possible, they ask for your feedback after every session. Leaving feedback is completely optional, but they would love to hear about your experience.

Tech Diagnostic is free with promo code FREETECH14. Limited time only, ends soon.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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