Switching to A Chromebook - Free Guide


Google's take on the laptop, Chromebooks run a slimmed-down operating system optimized for getting on the web with just the Chrome browser and Chrome apps. If you can do everything in your browser with web-based services and online storage, you can switch to a Chromebook.

Many Chromebook users haven't actually "switched" to a Chromebook - they've purchased a Chromebook as an additional device, not one that replaces their current computer entirely. A Chromebook is the simple laptop you pick up when you need to browse the web, watch videos, type emails, write documents, and do other things you can accomplish in a browser.

Like any device, Chromebooks have their advantages and their disadvantages. Learn everything you need to know about making the switch with a free complimentary guide from MakeUseOf. Download "Everything You Need To Know About Switching To A Chromebook" today.


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