Free Donkey Ollie DVD's for Kids


Shipwrecked Adventures of Donkey Ollie is a full length animated Feature from Arizona's own Car Angel. Animated in HD and featuring the loveable character Donkey Ollie, this delightful children's movie is a must see. Find out why Donkey Ollie is rated number one for children's animation by Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines and why the first two Donkey Ollie adventures are now on television world wide.

Donkey Ollie creator, Brian Stewart, allowed Ollie to be born out of his fertile imagination and nurtured him to maturity desiring that the many children he met would have a chance to get a firsthand revelation of the love and faithfulness of God as they saw the world through the eyes of lowly beast of burden upon whom God smiled.

Order your free Donkey Ollie DVD's. They want these DVD's to be given out freely and so they don't send out single copies. Instead the minimum they will send is 10 and they simply ask that you give them out to your family and friends. You can also check with your Sunday School or Children's Group Leader and see if they would like these for the group and you can order more from them so that the entire group can enjoy. There is never any cost to you.

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