Apple iPad Buying Guide


Now that you or your loved one has decided that they want an iPad, it's time to weigh the options and decide which one is right for you. Get a free Apple iPad Buying Guide from LAPTOP and get expert opinions about buying the iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad Mini with retina display, or the iPad Mini.

Thanks to Apple's stellar App Store, best-in-class design and intuitive user interface, the iPad has become a top tablet choice. Now, for the first time, Apple is offering four different models of iPads. For some, making the decision of which one to get is that much harder.

At LAPTOP, they test and rate all the iPads based on design, features, performance, battery life and value. Check out which one is best for you with this download you will also receive free weekly coverage on the latest technology news and developments from Laptop Magazines eNewsletter.

Receive your complimentary "Apple iPad Buying Guide: Which One is Right for You?" eGuide now.


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