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Martha Stewart is known for easy elegance, and Martha Stewart Weddings magazine carries on that philosophy with ideas for romantic, stylish, beautiful weddings that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Whether you're just starting your wedding plans, closing in on the date, or simply dreaming about one, this publication will have something for you.

Martha Stewart Weddings magazine uses a clean, colorful layout with detailed full-page pictures throughout, making it easy to explain ideas to bakeries or hairdressers. The focus, however, is not the imagery; instead, this magazine is all about organization and helping you find ways to make this huge and important event run smoothly. With that in mind, every issue includes a selection of worksheets you can use to plan out details like your budget, your schedule, and which vendors you're planning to use.

For the big day, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine includes a wide range of beauty tips and wedding tips. Every bride can use its information on the best way to work with vendors, how to smooth over problems in the family, and how to have fun despite the stress. For those days when you just can't take it anymore, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine includes stories about successful weddings, helping you focus on the beautiful results. Honeymoon planning, travel tips, and planning for events like bridal showers or the wedding reception are also covered in detail.

Martha Stewart Weddings magazine is a great resource for any bride-to-be or family member helping to plan a wedding.

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