Crownies Sugar Free Chocolate Dessert Sample


Today everyone is concerned about the negative effects of sugar in their diet. The news is filled with stories about the alarming increase in obesity and Type-2 diabetes. Clearly, there is a need for healthier, sugar free desserts that are both enjoyable and safe, especially for those on diabetic diets.

Splendid Delites presents Crownies, a rich, moist, sugar free chocolate fudge treat with a mouth-watering layer of 100 sugar free chocolate chips covering the entire top. They are made with premium Belgian chocolate and are lower in salt, fat and carbs. They are perfect for diabetic diets, "waist watchers" and the health conscious. If you love chocolate but hate the "cardboard taste" of other sugar free desserts, you'll be both surprised and delighted with Crownies™. Individually packaged in a 3oz. tear-open pouch.

Visit their website to learn more and get a free sample.