Hyalo GYN Vaginal Hydrating Gel Sample


Hyalo GYN is a clear, colorless gel with strong hydrating properties that contains Hydeal-D, a hyaluronic acid (HA) naturally present in the vaginal epithelium and other body tissues. Hyaluronic acid is the body's natural reservoir for water, and is responsible for maintaining correct levels of hydration in moisture sensitive environments. Hydeal-D is a derivative of hyaluronic acid that is specially designed to resist enzymatic breakdown, thus giving Hyalo GYN a longer duration of action.

Hyalo GYN supplements the body's natural hydrating function, and is intended for use as a hydrating / lubricating agent in patients suffering from vaginal dryness of various origins, and micro-lesions of the epithelium that can result from a poorly lubricated environment. It was developed especially for women whose vaginal epithelium does not produce sufficient hydration / lubrication and therefore is prone to itching, inflammation, bacterial infections, and painful sexual intercourse.

When used just three times per week, HYALO GYN has been clinically shown to quickly and significantly reduce symptoms of vaginal dryness. They are offering a free 10 day sample at their website. Add to cart and checkout. Limit one free sample per customer.

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