2012 Patent Calendar


Technological progress is sparked by vision - such as the creative imagination shown by legendary authors of science fiction. But innovation doesn't find its way into the real world unless fueled by a variety of resources. With the tools of legal protection, visionaries gain the leverage to deploy such resources. At Elman Technology Law, P.C., they endeavor to energize the fulcrum point at which science fiction meets legal vision.

And more specifically …

Elman Technology Law, P.C. provide trusted advice and representation in intellectual property and Internet-related business matters. With extensive experience in patent, trademark and other aspects of the law related to technology and business, they offer the educated guidance that enhances their clients' likelihood of developing their innovations from concept stage through profitable realization in the marketplace.

Get a free 2012 calendar. Each month highlights a particular invention, and it shows the dates on which interesting United States patents were issued.

There are two ways to receive one:

1. Email them with the subject: 2012 Patent Calendar Request and provide your contact information in the body.
2. Click where it says, "click here to register" and complete the online form.

Limited quantity available.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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