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FreeBizMag.com revolutionizes how consumers acquire trade publications. Unlike consumer titles, which are available to anyone and are paid for by the reader, trade publications are available at no cost but only to those who qualify. The qualification process, which is managed by each title separately, relies upon a cumbersome, paper-based questionnaire to determine reader eligibility. With FreeBizMag, SynapseConnect collects readers' qualifications, determines the magazines for which they may qualify, and presents them with one universal survey. Synapse's multi-title approach, as is the case with its consumer magazine business, delivers far greater efficiency than the single-title, publisher-driven method. Rather than the publisher having to find qualified readers, qualified readers find the trade publications available to them. This creates far greater access for the consumer. Once qualified, the consumer will use the site to arrange for a subscription start to any of the qualified for magazines.

Filled with in-depth gear reviews, articles on technique and advice from top videographers, HDVideoPro is the professional's guide to going high def. In every issue you'll find profiles of top professionals and their work, extensive pro-level equipment coverage, tips and techniques to help you create a profitable videography business and innovative how-to articles.

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