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Through Quad/Graphics' sophisticated and successful seed tracking program, you can see - in real time via their Smartools Web site - when your mailings arrive in home.

Knowing when your mailings are arriving in-home is critical to your business. Accurate delivery information can help you make sound decisions regarding your staffing and inventory levels, or determine how you forecast your sales and time the distribution of your mail.

However you intend to use the data, there is no better in-home delivery measurement than Quad/Graphics' seed tracking program, which provides valuable insight by reporting exactly when a recipient has your mailing in hand.

Established in 1989, the Quad/Readers Club is comprised of more than 600 highly dedicated and responsive volunteers across the United States. After receiving earmarked mailings to their homes, seeds call a toll-free number to report, via an automated system, which pieces arrived on a particular day and in what condition they arrived. With 90 percent to 95 percent of their seeds regularly responding, their seed tracking program is the most accurate system in the industry today for verifying final delivery.

The program is also one of the speediest in terms of reporting, offering you seed data in real time via their Smartools Web site at www.QG.com. Because the program's reporting system is automated and linked to the Smartools site, you can log on at your convenience and check the status of your mailings at any time, day or night.

General tracking reports cover important pieces of information, including the city or state in which the seed is located; the entry point of delivery to the U.S. Postal Service; when your mailpiece actually arrived at the entry point; the in-home date according to the seed; and the number of days between delivery to the entry point and when your mailpiece arrived in-home. They can also customize reports to capture additional data not found in their general report.

In addition to tracking the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service at an entry point level and helping to improve in-home delivery times, the ultimate goal of the program is to help you make better business decisions.

If you would like to be considered for the seed program, send an email to quadreaders@qg.com with the subject line Quad Readers Mail/Decoy Program. Include your name, address, city, state, zip code, home phone, day phone, and email address and let them know you are interested in joining the program. If selected, you will receive 10 free postage stamps per month for your participation.

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