"Pawparazzi" Pets Giveaway


Pawparazzi are the celebrities that we wish all celebrities could be. They have talent and class, they approach the world with open hearts, and they support causes that make their world better. And, they're not just friends, they're fashion accessories.

Girls can engage with Pawparazzi on many levels: They can read about their pets in Pawparazzi Magazine and on the website. Their fashion DNA will be stimulated with trendy bags, glitzy jewelry, collectible charms and fabulous fashions. Their creativity and imagination will flourish as they explore the exciting world of these tiny superstar pets and share the experience with their friends.

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  • By: fairymist

    waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much work to do for this person just for a toy lol If I did what she wanted to get the toy I would not have time to be on this site I would rather stay on this site lol. thanks for finding but this may be for those folks who have nothing but time on their hands.