Seafood Flavour Samples


Seafood Flavours is specialized in the production of high quality natural seafood flavours and extracts, and is situated on the island of MORS in the midst of the Limfjord in the the north west part of Denmark.

The production of their seafood flavours and extracts is based on years of experience, and through a very gentle method of extraction they produce authentic flavours to a challenging industry and some of the most desirable customers in the world.

They take pride in being able to source, produce and market an all natural produce of flavours and extracts and are dedicated to bring out the best savours of their raw materials.

They only produce natural products, free of any additives, from sustainable resources. They believe in the natural taste of the sea, and that their produce brings the world a better taste.

They would like to introduce you to their new 100% natural concentrated liquid or spray dried high soluble powder. The extract serves as a perfect main ingredient in industrial applications such as soup bases, seasonings, batters, enhancers or any application where the natural taste of the sea is the intended savoir.

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