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When you choose Buddig lunchmeats, you're always getting great flavor and great value. Chances are, you can also get something more. They always have exciting extras and rewarding promotions going on.

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Word has it that after you join they send out a survey about their new Deli Cuts lunch meat and when you complete it you get the lunch bag pictured at sign up free.

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  • By: Pamela Setnicker

    I eat a honey roasted turkey sandwich daily. Since I am always on a diet, I put honey mustard or spicy mustard on my sandwich, instead of mayonnaise. I would also like my Mom to receive a lunch bag, as she is going to be 82 yrs. old and is on many senior leagues. She also has a daily sandwich with me. I will be 62 and again, she will be 82 yrs. old. We also like the chicken, ham, and corned beef, naming just a few. If you could send us coupons, that would be great, since there are two adults in our family on a fixed income, I would really appreciate it. This is the only lunch meat in my house. Come on over, and look in the fridge, you will not see any other lunchmeat here. Thank you for your delicious meal and for listening to me. HAPPY 75TH ANNIVERSARY FROM PAMELA (Daughter) and PATRICIA (Mom).