Free Books for Inmates


A.R.E's Prison Outreach Program provides free books related to the principles outlined in the Edgar Cayce readings to individual inmates. They have a variety of books on prayer, meditation, dreams, health, reincarnation and karma, the Bible, universal laws, and prophecy. It is easiest to request specific topics instead of specific titles because their inventory constantly changes. However, they will do their best to accommodate your request. Limit your book requests to every other month. You must contact them in order to receive books; they do not automatically send them. Fill out the book request form completely, including the inmate's first and last name as well as the inmate's ID number. Additional approval forms may be required depending on the inmate's institution. If you are aware of additional paperwork, please let them know and they will hold the book request until all necessary forms are received. They also provide free books to institutional libraries. Ask your inmate's chaplain or librarian to request free A.R.E. Press books. Due to the volume of letters, they cannot respond personally to the inmate.

Visit their website and click on "Request a book for an inmate form."

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States