Holiday Magic Butter Cookie Recipe Cards


Wisconsin Cheese is offering you eight luscious new holiday cookie recipes that blend the natural flavor of real butter with inspired complementary ingredients. Some are classic. Some are contemporary. But they are all truly delicious. Each cookie features the exquisite texture and creamy, natural base flavor that only real butter can provide.

Visit their website to request yours absolutely free today.

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  • By: babybarnplus

    Mail came and a lot came today, mailman was mad, LOL :)

    I got:

    2 Full-Size Rolls of Paper Towels - from a survey group

    Passionately Pink Kit - has 25 beautiful lapel pins and posters/booklets

    Full Size Lisa Hoffman Day Cream (valued at $75) - THIS DOES COME

    Joffrey's 2.0 coffee sample - this is my second one and a different flavor so when I signed up for the last one, I must be on their mailing list now

    Collector's Edge Catalog

    Dove & Globe lapel pin

    $50 American Express Gift Card - I won this from the Kraft's Best School Year Ever instant win game :)

    Montel Williams "Sharing Miracles" DVD

    A beautiful Christmas themed stationary pad - Must be on the Good Samitarian's mailing list

    2 Pegetables Dog Treats - from ZooToo - you can request one sample monthly - got a carrot and corn stick & $1 off coupon - dog loved it

    Lucky magazine

    "I'm a Constitution Voter" bumper sticker

    "Obama/Gas" bumper sticker

    Sound & Vision magazine

    3 pairs of Fireworks 3D glasses - thanks for the post uniquelywired - gonna save them for next July 4th

    Geek 411 magazine - you get it free with the free shirt everyone got

    Crayola Dry Erase marker

    Wholesale Trainer's Warehouse Catalog

    Women's Health materials - about migranes

    Home magazine

    Pull-Ups booklet and coupons

    Southern Living Mini cookbook

    Smith & Noble windowware catalog

    2009 Religious calendar

    3 Rednecks 4 Obama bumper stickers

    What did you all get today?


    • By: audreyallene

      Ha ha!! You never cease to amaze me with all the stuff you get! LOL It's almost worth it just to come on here and read all that you got!
      I haven't gotten the mail today - won't get it till I get home after work today, so I'll post tomorrow about anything I get today.
      This weekend, though, I got a Quaker granola bar sample, my free TV Guide magazine, free Woman's Day Magazine....I think that's it.
      I hope I get a lot of stuff today. Oh - I got that Carhartt hat last week - it was really nice! I was very happy to get it!
      Oh, yeah, I got my Amsterdam samples, but they didn't send me what I requested. I got a little calendar, but not the picture frame I had ordered. Oh well. :s


      • By: babybarnplus

        LOL, thanks Audrey :)

        Sorry you didn't get your picture frame, maybe you can go back and try to re-order it. That Carhartt hat is nice, congrats on getting one :)


  • By: gingerbread

    Wow! You hit the jackpot, Babybarnplus:) I recieved a free issue of US weekly, free issue of the Oprah Mag, sample of Airborne, and the After-School Kit from "Right Decisions-Right now"-can't wait for my 13 and 15 year old daughters to see it.