Free Ron Krivosheiw Fine Art Canvas Print


Get a free Ron Krivosheiw 5x7 museum quality fine art canvas print today.

Speed Graphics was founded in 1970 and grew into a $25 million company that employed as many as 350 people. At this time, Krivosheiw worked with renowned publishers, entertainment giants like Jim Henson, famous photographers Annie Leibowitz and Cindy Sherman and even legendary artists Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali.

Always a pioneer, Krivosheiw was instrumental in creating the first Iris print now universally known as the Museum Quality Fine Art Canvas Print. His numerous contributions in the advancement of technology in the printing world also include: developing highly saturated, permanent pigment inks; creating a new standard in the reproduction of photographic images by utilizing lasers through the durst lamda and drum scanner machine and becoming the earliest U.S. company to own the first digital printing press in the world known as the Indigo press.

Visit their website to learn more about the company and get a free Ron Krivosheiw 5x7 museum quality fine art canvas print.


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