Free Power Bank from Micro Center


Get a free portable power bank from Micro Center.

Over 22 million IT professionals, small businesses, local governments, students, engineers, programmers, makers, tech enthusiasts, gamers, computer product and electronic device customers have relied on Micro Center for their communication and information technology support needs since 1979. Micro Center provides the essential services and technology to support the health, safety, and welfare of our communities. Now as 1 in 5 Americans have been ordered to stay at home, Micro Center can provide you with the essential technology support products and services to work, learn, and receive telemedicine from the safety of your home. We are deeply passionate about providing for the health and safety of the public during this time in our country.

For a limited time Micro Center is giving away free portable power banks. You can never have enough backup power for those times you really need it. You can use this power bank to power your cell phone, computers, lighting, and much more. Don't get left without power for your critical devices when you need it the most.

Visit their website to learn more and get your free portable power bank today.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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