Free Freak Flag Organics Bone Broth


Try Freak Flag Organic's Bone Broths for free. Choose from three flavors: Coconut Chicken, Chicken Tortilla, and Lemon Pepper Chicken.

Their bone broths are certified USDA organic and are amazing combos of broth and spices. The Coconut Chicken Bone Broth is a Thai-inspired broth with a splash of sweet from coconut milk. The Chicken Tortilla Bone Broth recipe includes garlic, cumin, ancho chile and cayenne. The Lemon Pepper Chicken Bone Broth is versatile and bright with a hint of lemon and a kick of pepper. All of the broths are great to heat and sip as is. They're also great to simmer up an easy soup, just add noodles or veggies or even some protein!

Founder Fred Haberman created Freak Flag Organics because of his freakishly deep love for people who are defined by creativity and self-expression. And one of his favorite ways to express himself is through good food: food that's good to eat, good for the body and good for the planet. It's why all of Freak Flag's pestos, condiments and bone broths are GMO-free, densely packed with flavor and always certified USDA organic.

Visit the Social Nature website to learn more and try it for free.

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