Free Greek Olive T-Shirt


Get a free t-shirt from Paradosiaka Greek Olives & Herbs.

Paradosiaka Greek Olive & Herbs of Chavari, Greece produces extra virgin olive oil in several different categories (PDO, PGI, Organic, ultra low acidity etc.) and a variety of packaging (tins, glass bottles etc.) to suit all markets. Paradosiaka is dedicated to making the finest products that Greece has to offer, available to consumers around the world. They produce the most qualify olive oils, soap, olives in vacuum and they are proud to offer them at the most available prices. You are not going to find thousands of products, but they believe that those that are available are in position to pleasure your demands. They are interesting to bring you the finest and most qualify olive oil, that is based in Greece that stand-out and stock only the best of the best. They are able and proud to provide their clients with the most competitive prices for the best quality Extra Virgin Olive oil of Cretan origin namely, as well Olive oil and Olive Pomace oil.

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