Free Cracker Barrel Black Ribbon Sliced Cheese


Get some free Cracker Barrel Black Ribbon cheese slices for free at Publix.

Cracker Barrel Black Ribbon Cheese is a rich and bold cheese. This Extra Sharp Cheddar is fresh cut cheese directly from Wisconsin that brings a rich and bold taste. These cheese slices make for an irresistible snack you and your guests will love. Whether you are entertaining a room full of friends or wanting a cheese snack to go, these cheddar cheese slices are great for a quick snack. Cracker Barrel cheese slices pair well with deli meat or crackers. Enjoy a tasty sandwich, or simply eat by itself. One 8 ounce package of Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese Slices comes with 8 thick fresh cut cheese slices, while the Zip-Pak seal on every package makes for easy storage and helps lock in flavor.

Get some for free from Publix.

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