Free Hands-free Tactical Hat LED Lights


Get a free hands free tactical hat light and turn your hat into a flashlight.

This Hands-Free Tactical Hat Light will clip onto any hat you have and will instantly deliver a powerful pathway of light.

This lightweight and compact Hands-Free Tactical Hat Light is engineered to withstand extreme condition and rugged use. It is powered by lithium coin cell batteries for approximately 48 hours of burn time each.

Switch modes with just one click. Mode 1 gives you a continuous stream of light & Mode 2 enables a flashing light if you desire.

This Hands-Free Tactical Hat Light is perfect for taking walks at dawn or dusk, into the garage to fix the breaker, tip-toeing through the house when the electricity is out, finishing up a late night fishing or hunting trip, creeping around the attic or basement, or just when you don't feel like tugging a flashlight around.

Visit their website to learn more and get these LED lights for free.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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