Free Slow Cooker Cake Recipe Book


Whether you're planning a birthday party or you want to make a slow cooker cake for another special occasion, these slow cooker recipes with cake mix will be the perfect sweet addition. Using cake mix, as opposed to baking from scratch, makes your life easier, and ensures you can create a dessert on the fly, without rummaging through your pantry for every last dry ingredient. Many of the dry ingredients you'll need are already provided for you. Your homemade cakes will taste like they're made from scratch, even if you cut corners with preparation time. Not to mention, you can leave your cake unattended for a longer period of time while it's cooking in your slow cooker.

Learn how to make a variety of slow cooker dessert recipes using cake mix with these 16 slow cooker cake mix recipes. In this free collection, you'll find delicious slow cooker cake mix recipes you'll be happy to have on hand.

Slow Cooker cake mix recipes come in many forms, and in this free eCookbook, you'll find different plays on classic recipes with cake mix and pie filling, including slow cooker cobbler with cake mix, slow cooker cake recipes for dump cake, and more.

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