Test & Review a Free Raspberry Pi HQ Camera


Are you a maker? If so, you'll love this offer from Element14. Register to become an Element14 Road Tester for your chance to test and review a brand new Raspberry Pi HQ camera. If you're selected to test the camera you'll get to keep it.

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable, low cost microcomputer that's great for both beginners and experts. It can be used as a stand alone desktop computer, server, robotics controller, home theatre, game emulator, wi-fi extender, security camera, telescope, and so much more.

Costing only $35 or less, the Raspberry pi is one of the least expensive computers and a great choice for hobbyists, makers, researchers, students, and anyone else who likes to compute, learn how to program, and make awesome projects.

The HQ camera is the latest camera offered by the Raspberry Pi foundation. It features a 12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor, 7.9mm diagonal image size, and back-illuminated sensor architecture, with adjustable back focus and support for C- and CS-mount lenses. This camera is awesome for a project that needs vision. It can be used for a security camera, computer vision for a robot, a digital telescope, a microscope, smart doorbell, or just about any other camera application.

Visit the Element14 website to learn more about becoming a product road tester.


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